2018-2019 Tariff and Information (effective until Sep.30, 2019)
Green fees for 3 or 4 players in a party.
Off-season Jan.6th~Feb.28th
 Weekday ¥10,530
Weekend&public holiday ¥15,480
Busy Season Mar.1st~Jul.15th
Weekday ¥11,630
Weekend&public holiday ¥17,130

** Despite off-season, 1 week of the middle of August is designated busy days as well as busy season.

  • Above are effective from Oct. 2018 to Sep. 2019.
  • Above prices are not commissionable.
  • Taxes and 5-seater buggy are included.
  • Caddy fee, meal & drink are not included.
  • Tariff is subject to change without notice. Check with us before reservation.
  • Consumption tax rate is scheduled to change from 8% to 10% in Oct, .2019.
Tariff for 3 or more parties (10 or more players ) negotiable according to its size and our seasonality.
Rentals(tax incl)
Shoes(22.0cm~27.5cm) JYE 1,100
Clubs(1 set) JYE 4,400
Club JYE 330 each
Reservation policy
  • We accept reservation only via your local travel agents in Japan.
  • We accept service voucher issued by local agent authorized by us.
  • In case of direct reservation, pre-payment of JYE 20,000 per party as a deposit is requested.
  • Reservation via a local agent in Japan is not requested doposit.
  • Pre-payment is requested 2 weeks prior to arrival at Kikugawa CC.
  • First report of combinations of players should be made 10 days prior to arrival.
  • Final report should be made 2 days prior to arrival.
Cancellation policy
Period Canceled party 
1-2 parties 3 or more parties 
Until 7 days prior to arrival  No charge. Deposit is refundable.
6-3 days prior to arrival JYE5,000 per party JYE6,500 per party
2 days prior to arrival JYE6,000 per party JYE7,800 per party
1 day prior to arrival JYE9,000 per party JYE11,500 per party
 Arrival day or no-show  Full deposit
IMPORTANT ! Cancelation will be made by us in case that deposit and players report are not submitted by the above mentioned date without reasons.
For reservation & further Information
Fax: 81+537-35-3784
Please refrain from making inquiries or reservation/cancelation by telephone in English or other foreign language.

To see each hole in detail like yardage or picture, click here (Japanese page.

Visitor Information
Club name
Kikugawa Country Club ( KCC )
Club operated by
Kikugawa Country Club Co., Ltd.
Club open
April 17, 1975
Membership golf club (accepting non-members)
Corporate logo
230 Tomita, Kikugawa-shi, Shiizuoka, Japan 439-0001
Board Members
  • Teruo Inamori, Chairman & President
  • Toshiko Inamori, Managing Director
  • Atsuko Inamori, Director
  • Junichi Urata. Director
General Manager
Tom Yanagi
Number of employees
60 as of April 01, 2019
Number of members
1,008 as of April 01, 2019
Annual due
30,000 yen
Attendance number
47,453 (2018)
Facilities & equipment
Clubhouse, reception desk, pro-shop, restaurant, bathrooms with shower booths, locker rooms, parking lot, party room (40 guests max), approach shot practice field.
(Note: the club does not have a driving range)
Elevation from sea level
Lowest 63m at clubhouse. Highest 80m at No.6’s left green
Number of holes
18 holes, 6,780 yds(regular tee 6,434, front tee 6,075) par 72
Hotel facilities
None. Major hotels are located 10-20 mins away from KCC via car. See the "Recommended Hotels" page for information on local hotels.
Easy access via Shinkansen train, and 2 expressways from Tokyo / Osaka / Kyoto/ Nagoya. (See "Easy access" page)
No snow in the recent decades, even in the depths of winter. Gradually hilly course with 15 straight holes and 3 blind holes. Wide fairway suited to a powerful swing, and quick-to-fast greens. Local food served in the restaurant.
Affiliated Organization
Shizuoka Golf Course Association ( SGCA )
Nihon Golf-jo Keieisha Kyokai ( NGK )
=Japan Golf Club Operator Association
Highest (℃) Average (℃) Lowest (℃) Rainfall(mm/month)
Jan 9.6 4.5 0.3 69.7
Feb 10.5 5.2 0.7 93.6
Mar 13.5 8.3 3.8 191.5
Apr 18.5 13.3 8.9 206.2
May 22.2 17.4 13.3 207.4
Jun 24.9 20.6 17.4 284.9
Jul 28.5 24.2 21.3 243
Aug 29.7 25.4 22.4 217
Sep 26.5 22.4 19.4 287.5
Oct 21.7 17.3 13.9 192.7
Nov 16.9 12.2 8.2 124.7
Dec 12.1 7 2.7 59.9

Recommended seasons for golf in Shizuoka

From the middle of March to the end of May
From the end of September to the first 2 weeks of December.

Wet season

From the beginning of June, lasting for approx. 1 month.
From the beginning of September, lasting for 2-3 weeks.


Hot and humid.
The highest temperature is sometimes recorded as 32-34℃.


Almost sunny and dry.
It is very rare that lowest temperature goes below 0℃.
No snow coverage in the past decade.
Because there is no snow, the club attracts golfers from northern Japan, such as Hokkaido.


Japan usually encounters 5-7 typhoons every year. Some of these impact the club in August and September.


The above data is based on records provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and local weather observations. However, please note that climates change year by year.

Menu is subject to change without notice
  • Tekka Gozen

    Japanese sticky rice with vinegar dressing, topped with sliced raw tuna and fatty tuna. Served with soup and Japanese sliced pickles.

  • Kaisen Osashimi Gozen

    Fresh sashimi of tuna, fatty tuna, squid, crab and salmon eggs.Served with rice, soup, pickles, and a small bowl of shrimp from Suruga bay.

  • Sutamina-steak Ju

    Grilled Japanese beef served with rice, sweet sliced garlic, soup, pickles, and a small bowl of shrimps from Suruga bay.

  • Shizuoka-mugibuta Umami yakiniku-zen

    Shizuoka BBQ style Pork served with ground yam, rice and soup.

  • Shizuoka-mugibuta Tonkatsu-gozen

    Tender deep-fried pork cutlet served with rice, soup, pickles. Juicy and crispy

  • Kikugawa Una-ju

    Marinated eel over rice served in a traditional box, pickles and a small bowl of seasonal tastes.

We can serve you many other menus(food and drink) not shown as above.  Please refer to menu page in Japanese(

Recommended Hotels
Hotel Route Inn Kikugawa Inter-change★★★ (select language)
Access via Kikugawa IC exit of the Tomei Expressway. Well located for all golf courses in Kikugawa area. Rooms and beds are narrower than other hotels. 126 rooms ,including 21 twin rooms. Wi-Fi, room entertainment.

Palace Hotel Kakegawa★★★★ (Japanese page only)
2-8-5 Kamenoko, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka 436-0028
Phone.81+537-22-0111 / FAX.81+537-22-1515
400 meters (1/4 mile) to Kakegawa station Shinkansen train stops, 1.4km(0.9 mils) to Kakegawa IC of Tomei Expressway.
Single room: 32, Queen size bed room: 4, Standard Twin room: 12, Hollywood Twin room: 8, Delux twin room: 4, Japanese(tatami) room: 3. Wi-Fi installed.

Kakegawa Grand Hotel★★★★ (Japanese page only)
1-3-1 Kamenoko, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka 436-0028
Phone 81+537-23-3333 /FAX 81+537-23-2290
150 meters (0.1 mile) to Kakegawa station Shinkansen train stops, 1.6km (1 mile) to Kakegawa IC of Tomei Expressway.
Close to restaurant area. Wi-Fi installed.

Number of depends on our actual experience and impression. Not authorized by an official tourism organization.


Single travelers/budget: Route Inn and Palace Hotel have many single rooms.

Couple, US/Europeans: Kakegawa Grand Hotel has many twin/double rooms that are wider and have larger beds.

Rugby World Cup:

The tournament will be held in September/October 2019. The following games are held in Shizuoka; therefore, all the hotels in the area are expected to be fully booked during this period. Please be advised that early reservation is needed.

  • Sep 28 (Sat) Japan vs Ireland
  • Oct.04 (Fri) South Africa vs Italy
  • Oct.09 (Wed) Scotland vs Russia
  • Oct.11 (Thu) Australia vs Georgia

Hotels Location

Kikugawa & Kakegawa Area

Attention !!
Kikugawa and Kakegawa have similar spelling and pronunciation. Please check the expressway exits carefully before exiting.
Tourism in Shizuoka
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